Label Love: Emma Cook

Well I've been super quiet for a while, but rest assured it doesn't mean I've been too busy to shop! As always I've been trawling Asos and found an amazing Brit designer called Emma Cook whose line is to die for. Think your favourite style staples, jumpers, oversized tees and shift dresses, in amazing animal, jewel and galaxy prints and voilĂ  you've got Emma Cook. I am in love with the Dinosaur scale prints (partly because dinosaurs rule, partly because the colours are hypnotising) and wish I could own every piece. Unfortunately, her pieces aren't too friendly for my purse, but that doesn't mean I can't lust (and put them on my wishlist in the hope my fairy godmother comes to save the day). Prepare to be wowed...

Credit: Asos

OOTD: River Island, Miss Selfridge, Primark, Forever 21, Nike, eBay

Here's a quick post on what I wore today on my trip to the shops! I had to crop my face out due to the wind making me pull a funny face (funny as in weird not haha). Said wind is also blowing up my cami and making me look pregnant. Awesome.

  • So, the cami is from River Island. I got it like 2 weeks ago and it's still in store and online. I love the cobalt shade and it looks like it's gonna be big in autumn so I look forward to buying some more pieces in this colour! 
  • The jacket is my absolute fav; fringed, leather, biker - amazing. It's from Primark but I got it maybe a year ago. 
  • The midi is from eBay, couldn't tell you the exact store but the website is bursting with them for like a fiver! 
  • My chain is from Forever 21, you can't quite see but it has a gold plate with a leopard on in the centre, it's my staple necklace. 
  • The bag is Miss Selfridge, I can't remember when I got it so I'm guessing it's pretty old. 
  • Lastly, my trainers are Nike Air Max Safari. I'm pretty sure this particular edition is sold out, but you can get Air Max almost anywhere and in almost any colour!

Buys of the Week: River Island, Primark

I popped to the shops this lovely Saturday morning with a few bits to buy in Boots, but as always, I ended up browsing my high streets favs and inevitably picking up a few items.

I popped in Primark which is quite unusual for me, (not because I'm a snob but because everyone and their mum is in there on a Saturday so shopping is frustrating) but I am so glad I did! I picked up the large check blouse in the top photo, which I adore. It's sheer and oversized so it's perfect for the office, the club or just casually so at £12 the price per wear is very low! I also got the gorgeous chain T-Bar flats in the second photo (you'll have to excuse my extremely pale legs/feet, I was too lazy to tan). If you know me you'll know I love a bit of bling, so getting those was a no brainer. A perfect perk to a boring pair of black flats, they'll take your casuals from blah to wow, whilst still looking incredibly effortless. As a huge River Island fan I literally can't walk past a store, I always have to go in. As I'm trying (I repeat trying) to reign my spending in, I promised myself I wouldn't buy any clothes in there, but still couldn't resist the purse in the top photo, and the "lucky" bracelet. I love the colour block on the purse, the green is a gorgeous shade and it's the perfect shape as I'm not a big fan of long purses. As I said, I can't resist a bit of bling, so I picked up the lucky bracelet coz it's cute and I think I deserve a bit of luck at the moment! I also got Palmers gradual tan - I've never tried it but have heard great things so I thought I'd give it a go (my product review senses are tingling...)
Anyway, I hope everyone's having a great weekend! Did any of you pick up any treats?!

A/W 2013 Trend: Dark Florals

Floral prints are a staple part of anyone's wardrobe and this A/W they're sticking around, this time with a grown-up, dark romantic twist. What I love about this trend is that I can wear florals without fearing I look too girly or prim and proper (I'll always be a tomboy at heart). Luxurious, deeper shades offset by blacks takes florals from pretty to glamorous, and fabrics such as velvet, silk and leather inject a dose of drama, perfect for the party season. I've found some gorgeous pieces that will take you from the office to the club and back again, this is a trend not to miss. I'll definitely be investing in the gorgeous matching pencil skirt and bomber jacket from boohoo, will you guys be embracing this trend?

Top: Both Topshop (Credit)
Bottom: Boohoo, Missguided (Credit)

A/W 2013 Trend: Pastels

So it seems Autumn is finally with us after this cold few days, and as much of a moaner I become, I actually quite like A/W time coz I get to wear big jumpers, coats and jackets (which I am an extreme hoarder of). The A/W runways were awash with pastels in cooler shades and I could barely contain my excitement, especially when I saw gorgeous lilac coats; for once my staple winter coat would not be black, white or parka green (as I like to call it). Not unusually, I spent many hours in the past week trawling my favourite high street websites to find the perfect pastel coat and surprisingly it was slim pickings?! I'm guessing not all retailers have released their A/W lines? Anyway I did find two great ones, from River Island and Topshop respectively. I especially like the RI one (as usual), the colour is bang on trend, whilst the double breasted style makes it perfect for any occasion, and you never need to convince me on a bit of faux fur! Will anyone else be getting in on this trend?

A/W 2013 Trend: Cut Out Ankle Boots

So since Jeffrey Campbell released his amazing 'Coltrane' cut out ankle boot, I've been completely in love with the style. Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near rich enough to justify buying the actual 'Coltrane' boots, however much I'd like to. Topshop and a few other places released similar styles in the last few months which have all been sell outs (especially for a size 6, it seems everybody is a size 6?!!). Luckily for us though, this style has spread for A/W 2013 and cut-out boots are featuring everywhere, at some pretty good prices too! Biker buckles and grungy chunkiness, perfect to wear with the tartan trend and totally versatile, what's not to like?! I've got my eye on the River Island pair. Will you be getting in on this trend?

Bottom: Boohoo, Topshop

Credit: Solestruck, River Island, Boohoo, Topshop

Apologies for being quiet

But I've been a very busy bee in the last two weeks. I've had tons of job interviews and work, and it was my birthday (21 eeeeeee!) so I've been running around like a headless chicken. Expect some new posts in the next few days...

Rihanna for River Island A/W 2013

She's been teasing us with pictures on her Instagram (@badgalriri) of the upcoming Rihanna for River Island collection, which hits shops and online on 12/09, and I am too excited. Rihanna is my gal when it comes to style, I always love her outfits and feel like she's really developed her signature look. With each collection she's done for RI she's also outdone the one before, and judging by the insta's and sneak peek on River Island's website, this is going to be the best yet (at least in my humble opinion). I'm absolutely loving the G4Life jeans, they are so good I think they'll be the first pair of jeans I will have bought in 8 years! I was also kind of over camouflage print, but I can't resist the camo print leather shorts, and the boots, omg the boots! I'm already trying to think of outfits I can wear them with! What does everyone else think? Will ya'll be online at midnight on the 12th like me?

Credit: River Island, +badgalriri

Bottle Blondes: Tips and tricks for achieving and maintaining colour and condition.

I am a notorious serial hair dyer. After nagging my mum for months and months, I started dying my hair when I was around 12 and have been every colour imaginable. Red, purple, pink, black, brown, green, blue... you name it, I've had it. So when I decided to go blonde I was prepared for the long process of going from my natural medium/dark brown, maintaining the blonde and repairing the damage. I've successfully kept my blonde for over a year now (minus a month when I had a lilac semi) and have impressed everyone I know for keeping a hair colour for so long! Naturally, throughout this time I've learned what works and what doesn't.
  • First thing's first, don't attempt to go blonde if your hair is damaged. It will break and look horrible. Not chic at all.
  • Go to a hairdresser. If you can't afford it (I know how expensive it can be!) go blonde gradually instead of sticking a box bleach on, having an itchy scalp for 40 minutes then orange hair. Get your hair to the desired blonde by lifting it 2-3 shades every time you dye it, leave it a few weeks between dying to minimise damage. The process is longer, granted, but your hair will thank you for it.
  • 'Ash' blonde dyes are best as they contain lilac undertones which will help counteract any brassiness.
  • Invest in quality conditioners and shampoos. I love Aussie products, their 3 Minute Miracle Constructor is a God-send. I use this once a week and leave it on for a bit to maximise it's hair healing potential.
  • Purple/lilac shampoos are now your holy grail. The best I've tried are the Pro:voke Touch of Silver line. I use their Daily Maintenance and Twice a Week Brightening shampoo. 
  • Once a week I use Superdrug's Colour Effects wash in, wash out conditioning colour in 8.1 cool blonde. The violet pigment is a lot darker than what you get with standard purple shampoo/conditioners meaning that it counteracts orange tones and brassiness quickly and effectively. As this is not a shampoo or conditioner I don't recommend using it more than once a week. I usually do it before I leave the Aussie conditioner on for a while. (Usually on a Sunday when the only thing on my agenda is eating a roast dinner!)
As I've blonde for such a long time, my hair is no longer damaged as the only parts that now get dyed are my roots. But obviously when you first take the plunge, it does need a little bit of extra care.

  • Get your split ends off. Just do it, no questions.
  • Redken Extreme CAT will be your best friend for a while. It contains protein and ceramide which will genuinely help with repairing, just don't overdo it.
  • Ease up on the heated tools. I always let my hair air dry, and only use straighteners once a week, using heat protector!
Finally, do not go blonde if you're not committed. It's an investment, a process and a lifestyle.

Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion: Review

So after having such a great experience with the Clarins cleanser, I decided to invest in the body lotion. Much more pricey than what I usually spend on moisturiser (I'm usually a palmers cocoa butter kinda gal) at £30, I was again anxious. Clarins says: "Soothing comfort every body loves! Clarins’ moisture-replenishing lotion—with Peach Milk, Shea, Candlenut Oil and Orange Blossom—visibly minimises the signs of ageing caused by sun, cold, heating and air-conditioning. Helps smooth dry, rough patches and improve skin tone. Gently removes dull, flaky cells for a youthful, all over glow. Quickly absorbed. No need to wait before dressing." I have pretty dry skin, and I also fake tan so I always need a good moisturiser before applying that, and at £30, my expectations were high. The lotion itself is rich, and a little goes a long way, perfect as I moisturise twice daily, and have a fair amount left after around 6 weeks of use. It sinks in pretty quickly and doesn't feel sticky like some moisturisers do, and keeps my skin hydrated. This lotion does what it says on the tin, what impressed me most was the firming factor. I've never really bought into the idea of firming lotions, but I definitely notice my thighs aren't so jiggly when using this. All round it's a great product, I'm slowly becoming a loyal Clarins fan!